Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brooke Adams

Adams grew up differently than most people would reckon. Adams had cancer when she was a child and had very small and yet enough. Brooke grew up with her mother and twin sister. When Brooke was seven years ancient Brooke, her mother and sister took all they could fit in a car and went to Texas. There Brooke's mother did all she could to give her two girls the best life she could at the same time of juggling three jobs for seven years. Brooke looks at her mother as more then just her mother but also a hero.

When Brooke got older she got into body building, and modeling, she's also taken part in several contest such as Miss Bikini USA - Seabrook, Miss Planet Beach Houston, Miss San Antonio Texas, Miss Sam's Boat Houston and so on. She's modeled for companies such as Ego swimwear, Hawaiian Tropic, Elite Models, Vertical Smiles, R&J photography and many more. She's a very passionate and strong willed women, when she takes to do something she does it to the best of her ability. Like most girls she likes to party, and likes people.

Brooke was first seen in the wrestling scene during the 2006 WWE Diva Search Casting Calls. Unfortunatly Brooke hadn't made the cuts, but don't doubt that she had made a huge mark in management's mind. Not long after Leyla had won the Diva Search announced that three girls who had taken part of the diva search had been given contacts and although Brooke had not made the first major cut, she had been one of the girls offered a contract.

Months later although Brooke was said to be going to to OVW, she debuted in DSW. After two random appearances around the ring, on November 16, 2006 Brooke came out to the ring sporting a red and black outfit and manged Dan Rodimer that night calling herself "The Lil Huge Deal" while Dan was noted as just "The Real Deal". Not too long after debuting as his manager, Brooke announced that she was "sick of men" and that she was going on a solo career as a wrestler herself, she had her first match against Angel, which Angel dominated in! Weeks after her debut match in DSW Brooke made a surprise appearance and debut on ECW Joining with Kelly Kelly and Layla El calling themselves 'Extreme Exposé'.

Since her release, she resurrected her modeling career, placing in the Hawaiian Tropic, Planet Beach, Darque Tan, and Bikini USA model search contests. She is known as "Bubbles" by one of her photographers from her early modeling shots. Brooke was crowned as the reigning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Texas 2008 on the evening of November 8, 2008

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